Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 1: The Media is unimportant, the Making is the Message

I am writing.  This is me writing.  Writing about writing, yes, but writing nonetheless.

I am a Maker.  Making things feels right.  Making things that are useful is better.  Simple, elegant, sophisticated objects are best.  Cute is acceptable, as long as there is a level of elevation.  There should be a purpose intended for each made item, even if that purpose is just to be felt, looked at, enjoyed.

The ways I create and the things I create are disparate, but I expect common themes to emerge as I write about them. Right now, knitting, cooking, and  parenting (aka Making Stuff with Kids, or Making Makers) take my free time.  {I'll have to think on the definition of free time.  There might be some wiggle room there.}  I'd like to add or reintroduce sewing, printmaking, gardening, guitar and ukulele, singing, dancing, writing, and creating warm, comforting, energizing spaces in my home.

That is a long list.  At the suggestion of a trusted adviser, I'm not going to panic at the long list of passions when I consider making time for them in a life full of a day job, chores, and family upkeep.  Somewhere in there I need to get to the gym, too.  Instead of mastering one craft, I'm going to attempt to become a Master Dabbler.  And to come up with a better title.  Instead of feeling inconstant or unfocused, I will focus on making.  Here, the media is unimportant, the making is the message.